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[N NN BOYS] Azov Films - Boy Fights Series

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[N NN BOYS] Azov Films - Boy Fights Series

Post by admin »

Azov Films - Boy Fights Series

In this thread, I'm planning on posting the entire Boy Fights series from start to finish. For those who do not know, these films were released by now defunct Azov Films over a period of approximately four years (2007-2011). At first, the films were non-nude (with a few peaks here and there) and then they progressively got more and more revealing as the titles went on until finally the "commando" films began.
With those, the nudity far outweighed any non-nude parts of the films. These were extremely popular titles on the Azov Films site with Vlaviu and later Paul being the two most favorite boys amongst the Azov customers.

In addition to the film, a photo set was also created for each title. Last year, I created a thread that lists each photo set and the number of photos included in the set. Over time and with the help of many members here, we were able to obtain about half of the photo sets from this series.

I will start with BF 1 and continue on with the the FKK titles and eventually to the BF v2.0 vids that closed out this series. After that, I'll post what I have from the director's cut versions of the films that the videographer, Peter P, offered to select customers on his private website, "fun-fight-kids". Most of these films have been posted before here on BV4 but some not for over a year and never all in chronological order.

The quality of the versions I have vary from film to film (some are DVD quality, many are not). If you happen to have a higher quality version of a title I have posted or a director's cut version I don't have, please consider posting it in this thread so we can hopefully achieve the absolute best collection of films from this series as possible!

Before I begin, I must take a moment and express my thanks to the members who have shared these films here on BV4. When I first joined BV4, due to losses over the years, I only had about half of the films in this series. Without the generosity of others, my collection would be nowhere near what it is today. Thank you guys! :)

And now, without further ado, let's meet Alex, Vlaviu, Loredan, Lucian, Jonut, Robert, Paul, Calin and the rest of the boys! :D

Download preview:
http://zbzzzpix.site/1120230XP/abcdl.html /last updated 08.11.2020/

Archive rar password 1234567890

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- Best video player for Windows https://href.li/?https://potplayer.daum.net/
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- Archive password 1234567890
- If files deleted please report me Image
- Enjoy

Click here to download:

Site Admin
Posts: 1923
Joined: Mon May 23, 2011 10:09 am

Re: [N NN BOYS] Azov Films - Boy Fights Series

Post by admin »

videos #10-16 added
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